About us

You can count on a multidisciplinary team that has accumulated the most advanced experience in the high-pressure aluminum pressure diecasting industry in Canada. We are familiar with the processes of validating procedures and control points by CMM and will provide your engineering and design staff with a comprehensive service right to the point when your projects are put into service and your orders delivered.

Lemoltech Foundry relies solely on experienced mouldmakers and works closely with the toolmakers in developing your moulds to optimize yields. The quality and rigor of processes put in place will ensure that your expectations are met in terms of productivity, quality control and cost, as well as in terms of the life of your moulds.

In addition to our local customers, we serve companies in the U.S., Mexico and Asia in fields as diverse as lighting, medical equipment, military, tools, hardware, ornamental parts, telecommunications, railway, recreational vehicles and automotive.

You can count on a multidisciplinary team