Our equipment

To provide maximum flexibility and versatility in our production capabilities, our equipment lets us mould parts from a few grams to over 25 lbs. Several of our presses are equipped with an automatic lubrication system, a robotic reeler and a computerized performance tracking system for maximum control and traceability in production of your components. With our 6 casting machines, production of your parts is done with the best lead times in the industry.

  • IDRA 1800 ton 
  • BNT 1200 ton
  • HPM 600 ton
  • IDRA 500 ton
  • HPM 400 ton
  • KUX 400 ton
  • 1 "Wheelabrator" for grinding your parts, in compliance with environmental standards.
  • CNC dedicated to the quality assurance department

We also have a wide range of tooling for finishing and light machining operations.

Our equipment lets us cast parts from several grams to over 20 lbs