Pressure diecasting

There are many advantages to high-pressure diecasting of aluminum.

Firstly, we have forged close ties with the best mouldmakers in Quebec. In close collaboration with their mould design, we maintain high quality standards that will ensure longevity and profitability to its owner. From a cost per unit perspective, the higher the volume the more production by high pressure becomes required as the process of choice. When the moulds are installed on our presses, the parts are mass-produced, providing you with significant savings. There are no additional moulds to be built.

Controlling costs has a prominent place throughout the manufacturing process. Each of our presses is equipped with an independent electric furnace for melting the aluminum. Electricity is an environmental choice and currently remains the least expensive form of energy with the lowest cost fluctuation. This choice allows us to keep our casting costs stable and protect you from market fluctuations of fossil fuels.

Our moulding process lets us use most grades of secondary aluminum. The most commonly used are A380; A383; A360; 369; C443 and C413 and certain zinc alloys. More rare and expensive, certain grades of primary aluminum are also good candidates for high-pressure diecasting. Our engineering staff can advise you for specific applications for the use of your components in their working environment. Sometimes certain primary alloys can be used to meet specific needs.

There are many advantages to high pressure aluminum diecasting.